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Crystal Sound Bath

Everything in our known Universe can be reduced to



When I heard the bowls played for the first time, it was an indescribable feeling on a visceral level - the vibration from the bowls instantly replaced feelings of stress and anxiety with a sense of warmth and peaceful balance.

     I enjoy combining sound and vibration with crystals to balance the mind, body and spirit. This ancient form of vibrational therapy, considered sonic frequency technology, energetically enhances healing. 

     Tibetans have been using these instruments for more than 2,000 years as well as many ancient civilizations throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

     Each culture has developed their own unique and beautiful approach - some sound therapy session include bells, chimes, bowls, gongs, drums while others may incorporate vocal toning, chants or repetitive sound vibrations in specific keys, however the intention is the same:

     Sound bath and vibrational healing is popular with those that have an increased interest in health, wellness, meditation or mindfulness as well as those interested in immersing themselves within a unique and profound experience.

     These vessels resonate in different frequencies that help to bring each of our energetic centers into balance through promoting meditation and relaxation.

restore balance to the

subtle energetic body 

Book an event, schedule a group session, or add to your private bodywork service and experience primordial healing

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