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Health Education

     Throughout my personal journey, I have become fascinated with the mind-body connection and I have learned that one of my purposes is to gather information and share it with others to help them heal. I educate to inspire the value of self-care, enhance quality of life, reduce physical suffering while easing mental or emotional stress to help manage chronic pain and return balance to the body in order to facilitate the greatest healing for those in need of my services. My natural curiosity led me into the discoveries of Eastern-based sciences regarding Chakras, Meridians, and the poetry of understanding the root cause of dis-ease through the lens of The Five-Phase Theory and teaching Yoga - whereas my clinical mind has resulted in an scientific education in Advanced Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathologies relating to Neuromuscular or Myofascial Dysfunction. 

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     I am Certified through the National Holistic Institute as a Health Educator, advocating for knowledge and self-care through the complementary therapies of both, the East and West. Having studied and trained within diverse fields of holistic healing and mindfulness practices and their applicable sciences, I offer unique perspectives into health, wellness and self-care.

     My balanced approach to awareness and continuing education provides an ideal 

environment to grow and expand one's knowledge of self as well as a safe space to investigate the root cause of our pains. When we are invested in our health and learn the value of self-care,  and we consider how stagnant/overactive energy is often correlated to dis-ease or chronic illness in our lives. Releasing topen to the possibilities of how we can release that which no longer serves us to live more joyous and balanced lives.

     I have dedicated thousands of hours toward the study of the human body and command the knowledge of an Advanced Soft Tissue Specialist, equipping me to treat chronic pain resulting from myofascial dysfunction. A cornerstone of my practice is

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to promote the education of my clients about their pain through a variety of professional services including, but not limited to, Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, Yoga, Massage, Energywork and Metaphysical healing. The mind-

body is highly intelligent and it will heal itself in miraculous ways when one learns to honor the whole body and understand that each system is inextricably linked because when our health suffers, it is our body's intelligence trying to communicate that something is out of balance. Are you ready to listen? Let's have a conversation together.

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