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Bodywork & Massage

I specialized in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy and medical massage to reduce chronic and acute pain from injury, surgery, vehicle accident, overuse and trauma. Connecting the arts and sciences of both, the East and the West, enables me to facilitate an exclusive massage experience that honors the physical and subtle bodies to help naturally bring the whole body into a receptive state where lasting healing can occur.


Focused on alleviating pain, increasing range of motion and quality of life, Neuromuscular Therapy is an advanced technique tailored to improve chronic issues, enhance athletic performance and client education


This Western-world standard aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension and increasing circulation through a rhythmic flow of soft, long, kneading and tapping strokes


Balance the natural energies of the mind, body, and spirit while reducing pain and anxiety through the gentle universal system of Reiki and feel at peace as energy blocks dissolve


A form of Japanese bodywork based in traditional Chinese medicine, this Eastern therapy employs the knowledge of energy Meridians, utilizing fingers, thumbs and palms to help revitalize and balance the body
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